Friday, May 23, 2008


Nothing much new to report. The house has been an unfettered debacle which doesn't appear to be getting resolved any time soon. If all goes well, it may be done by November but I for one am not counting on it. Miranda has been feeling a little bit ill but nothing too bad.

As far as the name goes.. well we've sort of narrowed it down to two. And thus far the police have only been called to the house twice, followed by only one mention from each one that the other "can be replaced." We think it's going to be Barrett Alexander. The only thing that is keeping us from going with Barrett is that we don't want him to be called Barry. I don't think it will be shortened from Barrett too much. Maybe in elementary, but kids are going to shorten names or call kids just about anything other than their actual name at that age one way or another. Anyway, anyone have any thoughts on that?

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Betty said...

I love the name and 1 of Nathan's friend's last name was Barrett. His was first name, Brian, was so common that everyone called him Barrett.